Confident Musical Performance

with pianist and therapist Bernard King

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The Process

There will be an initial consultation of up to an hour during which your concerns in this area will be explored, along with some general information about yourself. This can take place by phone, Skype or in person if you are in or near to Glasgow.

Following this I will make for you an individual hypnosis CD tailoring words and suggestions specifically to your requirements, using language and ideas that will fully resonate with you. This can be either for a specific event, or simply to enable yourself to enjoy and share your musical talents with others more comfortably.

To gain full benefit from this you will need to listen it on a daily basis for several weeks before the event in a relaxed state, either sitting comfortably or lying down,  to allow the suggestions to be fully absorbed by the unconscious. You do not have to focus especially on the words on the CD but just be aware of the sound of my voice. After all I will not be talking to your conscious mind, so it is best if it does not pay too much attention otherwise there is the potential for sabotage.

I would add that this is suitable for most people, but should there be a history of mental illness it is probably not for you. Also since a degree of self-responsibility and intention is needed for success, it is also not suitable for young children. Also, as a precaution, on no account listen to the CD while you are driving a car.

By listening to your CD over time, you may find that gradually it affects the way in which you work, how much work you do, how you feel about performance etc. etc. Sometimes benefits are dramatic, sometimes they seep in slowly. It is not possible to predict how your unconscious will work for you. Because the changes can happen very gradually on a daily basis, you may not be aware of them until quite a lot later, rather like the way in which you are unaware of your hair growing or of gaining height. Because this is happening on an unconscious level, you may not understand how or why the changes have occurred, but just that there has been an improvement, all, or much of the problem has disappeared and you have, without understanding how or why, become in some ways a different person.


Confident Musical Performance

My fee for up to one hour consultation and the making of your personal hypnosis CD (including postage and packing) is £70. Payable before the session .
Following the session the CD will be made and dispatched within seven working days.

Consultation Lessons

I am also available in Glasgow for consultation lessons for advanced pianists, or for those who have problems or injuries caused through faulty technique and would like to discover how to play in a more healthy, natural and free way. Fees by negotiation.